The Red Sox returned to Boston for Game 6 of the ALCS needing just one more win to move on to the World series and on Saturday night that’s just what happened.

Shane Victorino hit a grand slam with one out in the bottom of the seventh inning to give the Red Sox a 5-2 lead and that’s all the Sox needed to win.

Adolfo was outside Fenway Park after the big win to talk to excited fans leaving the game.

The first group of fans Adolfo met up with couldn’t believe that the Sox have come so far given the two previous seasons. How does they think the Sox will perform in the World Series?

The second group of fans he met up with had some interesting things to say. One guy said that it was the best game that he had ever seen and another described how great the win was in a very interesting way.

Plus, Adolfo stumbles his way through a question like only he can.



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