BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Public Schools are warning parents that school bus drivers may strike again.

Schools spokesperson Brian Ballou said meetings are ongoing and scheduled to continue this week.

On Saturday, a group of about 100 drivers held a demonstration outside the Freeport bus yard.

“Saturday’s morning rally was not authorized by union leaders, who were not present for the rally. It is yet another signal that there is still an active element among the drivers that is actively encouraging disruptions. We continue to ask families to keep their contingency plans in place and we are continuing to monitor the situation closely,” Ballou said.

Earlier this month, hundreds of Boston public school bus drivers surprisingly walked off the job in a labor dispute, catching many families and even the mayor off guard.

The strike stranded about 33,000 students.

“We are encouraged that union leadership is reminding drivers to continue their service without disruption and in fact, last week was the best week we have had so far this year in terms of on-time school bus service with 94.4 percent of buses arriving on-time,” Ballou said.


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