BOSTON (CBS) – In town to promote his new book, “Orr, My Story,” Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr took some time to come by 98.5 The Sports Hub and hang out with Toucher & Rich on Friday.

One of the hot button issues around the game today is fighting, with recent injuries sparking the debate on whether or not it should still exist in the game.

“I really think it would be a problem if we completely eliminated that fear of getting beat up as a great deterrent,” said Orr. “Staged fights, throw them out. Hockey is a tough game, we have big guys with speed and things do happen, emotions, and once in a while something will happen. More importantly, we just can’t have guys running around trying to intimidate our skill players. I want to see our skill players play.”

They went on to discuss playing the game at a young age and pressure that parents sometime place on kids when they play. Orr says it should be more about having fun, with only a very small percentage of kids that play ever making it to the NHL.

It was a different game back in the 70’s when Orr played, but does the legend think he could play his style of in today’s NHL.

“Yes,” he said confidently. “I mean could Wayne Gretzky play today? Yes.”



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