The Red Sox beat the Tigers 4-3 on Thursday night and now lead the series 3-2. If the Sox can win on Saturday then they’ll be moving on to play for another World Series title.

Felger & Massarotti started the day off discussing the Game 5 win by the Sox and discussed which team is now in control.

Felger feels it’s a game to game shift of power and points out that it might be a sign of a seven game series.

They try and figure out what is the better team and while Felger thinks that the Sox are deeper, faster, better defensively, more balanced, but does that always equal victory in baseball?

Are the things the Sox have enough to win? The guys look at past World Series winners and whether they were similar to the Red Sox this year. Did any of them have glaring deficiencies like Detroit?

Plus, a great Mazz flub that leaves Felger speechless.


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