BOSTON (CBS) –  You can probably guess how Rob Gronkowski’s exchange with the New England media went on Wednesday.

We still don’t know if Gronkowski will return this weekend against the New York Jets, but we do know he is “day-to-day,” as we’ve heard about 500 times over the last six weeks.

Gronk is back out there practicing with his teammates, and was even named one of the team’s practice players of the week.

But, is anything different this week?

“No, nothing,” Gronkowski replied. “Just improving every week. That’s all really. Nothing has changed.

“The thing that has changed is I’m improving every week, and that’s good,” he added.

Gronkowski still has not received medical clearance yet, which his agent Drew Rosenhaus said earlier this week would come from the famous Dr. James Andrews. But the decision that Gronkowski is healthy enough to return to game-action won’t be made just one person.

“It’s basically myself, the doctors and talking with the coaches, especially with coach Belichick to see how everything is going. We talk all the time and we’ve been on the same page the whole time,” said Gronk. “I’m not just going to make a decision by myself. That’s why you have a whole organization to work together.”

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A lot has been over the fact that it is now Week 6 and Gronkowski is still is not back. But Rosenhaus told WQAM-AM 560 this is no surprise.

“Quite frankly, it’s not a huge upset that up to this point he hasn’t been cleared to play in a game. We anticipated this,” said Rosenhaus. “Hopefully he’ll be back soon, maybe even this weekend. But there’s no way to know until the end of the week when his doctors make that determination.”

As he continues to practice and inches closer to a return, the anticipation builds for Gronkowski. He’s getting a little tired of the same questions each week, but sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I want to be out there; I love the game of football and I love playing the game,” he said. “It’s great being out there with my teammates practicing; getting on the same page and getting the chemistry down. We’ll see.”

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“You have to (have a) strong mentality. I believe that’s what I got,” he said. “When my number is called when I’m ready to go I’ll be out there rolling like I have before. I can’t wait, and I’m excited.”



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