My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs on WBZ NewsRadio 1030. Consider this:

‘What Makes Boston So Special?’

Are folks from Massachusetts merely bragging when we honk-on about how wonderful Boston is, or is The Hub really the great town we imagine it to be? And if the latter is the case, how so?

There are many top notch cities in America, including places like Seattle, New York, New Orleans, and Philly, each with its own charm. But Boston may be the perfect blend of big city and small town; international center and American icon.

I have been in Boston a long time, and as is common, day-to-day life here dulls my understanding of what we have. So of late, I have been careful to view my city through the open eyes of a visitor, and I have been mindful of all that I see, such as the Emerald Necklace, the old school European architecture, the North End, the Common and the Garden, as well as the strength and character of the people who live and work in and around Boston.

Take a video refresher course in why Boston is such a tremendous town.
Click play to be reminded of what makes this place and these people so very excellent.


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