BOSTON (CBS) — Heather Abbott lost her leg after she was badly injured in the second explosion at the Boston Marathon.

She and some of her friends had gone to the Red Sox game and then to the Forum Restaurant on Boylston Street.

They were waiting to get in, when in one horrific instant, the world changed.

Six months later, Abbott is continuing on her road to recovery.

“I think I’m doing really well, I know I’m progressing and recovering but it’s not easy,” she said.

Abbott says she has moments when she’s frustrated but knows she can’t change anything.

“To dwell on the things I can’t change is not going to get me where I want to be,” Abbott said.

Part of the recovery has been getting back to her active lifestyle with a prosthetic leg.

She recently attended a clinic to learn how to run and has prosthetic legs for water activities and high heels.

Abbott says she would love to be involved in the 2014 Boston Marathon because all the new memories darken the memory of the bombing.


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