Every week the guys come at Jermaine Wiggins with ten question on a variety of different topics ranging from sports to entertainment to women. This week the questions tackled NFL wide receivers, Jarome Iginla, the ALCS and Peyton Manning.

10 Questions with Wiggy:

10. It’s 4th and 6 at your own 24-yard line. There’s 2:50 left on the clock and your team is down one point with all three time-outs in your pocket. Do you go for it or punt?

9. Give me your top 5 white wide receivers, in order, in the NFL.

8. If you could take one player on the Detroit Tigers and put him on the Red Sox, who would it be?

7. Last week, Nathan Horton explained a couple of reasons why he left the Bruins. One was that it took Chiarelli too long into the season to start talking contract with him, and another was the weather in Columbus, where he said his kids get to play outside longer. What NHL city would you least like to play in?

6. If you were the Colts, and you know what you know now about Peyton Manning’s health, would you go back in history and keep Manning? Or would you rather have Andrew Luck?

5. Wiggy Word on the street: “Shaping da mentals of da yungins in da Bean making sure they do right!!!!” Please translate.

4. We’ve all heard Zo’s game-winning TD call from Sunday. If you had Zo’s job, what would your call be?

3. Should the Redskins change their name?

2. Jarome Iginla leads the Bruins in shots on net this season with 19 but doesn’t have any goals to show for it. How many will he score this year?

1. Fill in the blank: The Jets will win the game this Sunday if…


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