The Patriots are 4-1 after a loss to the Bengals last week in Cincinnati. This Sunday won’t be any easier as the Drew Brees and undefeated Saints visit New England.

Will it be tough for this Patriots defense to handle the Saints offense without Vince Wilfork and his backup Tommy Kelly looking less likely to play? Would the Saints run more to exploit how thin the Pats are up front?

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin tackled these questions and other when he joined Toucher & Rich on Friday morning.

Through five games Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has racked up 593 yards and six touchdowns and will have to be watched closely by New England’s defense. How will the Patriots look to contain Graham on Sunday?

“They’re probably going to do a few different things, like I said, bump him at the line of scrimmage. They may use that vice like they did against Tony Gonzalez, obviously in the red zone and then you might see some different guys that matchup against him.”

But Colvin says it can’t just be a focus on Graham, “Across the board they have four or five guys that can take the ball and take it from reception to the end zone, so it has to be a game where team defense is played.”

He went on to add that the key in this game is for New England’s defense to hold the Saints from racking up points and hope that Tom Brady and the offense can go on to score more than just field goals.



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