After a loss to the Bengals in Cincinnati, the Patriots are 4-1 as they get ready to host the undefeated New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

The NFL Network’s Bert Breer stopped by Gresh & Zo to discuss the status of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Reports are that Gronk will make his return in this game and Breer feels like this is the week.

“I think this is the week because this is the first time that there’s no split in what you’re hearing, it seems like everybody is optimistic.”

If the Pats didn’t struggle and lose to the Bengals last week would this week have been another wait and see week with Gronk? Breer believes that this week was included in the original window of a possible return for the tight end, but goes on to discuss possible frustration on the team’s end.

“The way I look at it I just think they’re a little bit more pissed off now and I figure you can sense it. If you read between the lines of some of the things Bill said, some of the things Brady said.”

The guys also went on to talk about how it seems Gronkowski has gotten off easy missing all this time.

“Look Gronk has dodged a lot of criticism here,” Breer said, “I think if this was another athlete and kind of taking it slow and being cautious with it there might be a little different tone an tenor to the way everybody has been approaching it. He’s gotten a pass.”

However you feel about the situation you have to feel good that Brady will be getting a big target back this week. Let’s just hope he can be a factor having been out for so long.


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