By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Between the wind, the downpours and the balmy air, yesterday and last night were pretty wild but the weather has quieted down following the passage of a cold front.  Autumn air is now streaming back in…this has cooled us off but also lead to ample sunshine.  After sunset, temps will drop fast tonight and will settle into the 30s for some communities tomorrow morning only to recover into the lower 60s tomorrow afternoon under mostly sunny skies.  High clouds will begin working in from the south late in the day out ahead of a developing coastal storm.

High pressure will slowly give way and the coastal storm will begin to creep up the East Coast.  The high will be leaving behind very dry air both aloft and at the surface which will be tough for this storm to overcome but as it gets closer on Friday rain drops may begin reaching the ground so that periods of rain are possible as we finish up the workweek and head into the weekend.

The storm will retreat over the weekend as high pressure to our north reestablishes itself so we should see increasing sunshine over the holiday weekend.


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