Felger and Massarotti kicked off the discussing two different topics. First, the New England Patriots lost their first game of the season 13-6 to the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday. How should fans feel about the Pats first loss? Also after winning Friday and Saturday, the Boston Red Sox can close out the ALDS against the Tampa Bay Rays tonight. What has happened to the Rays? Felger and Mazz look back at Rays outfielder Wil Myers’ misplay in right field in Game 1. What caused the mishap?

[cbs-audio url=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d3/dT/dD/d9/13TD9_3.MP3″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Hour 1″ artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz continue to talk about the ALDS between the Sox and the Rays. The Sox have 2-0 series lead and can close out the Rays tonight. Rays manager Joe Maddon said he’s looking forward to returning to Fenway for Game 5. Do Maddon and the Rays have a chance of coming back and winning the ALDS? The guys went back to discuss the Pats 13-6 loss to the Bengals yesterday. How much is it hurting the Patriots that they are getting little production out of their tight end position? Why were the Patriots throwing the ball when on the goal line?

[cbs-audio url=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d3/dT/dD/dS/13TDS_3.MP3″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Hour 2″ artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

During Hour 3 of Felger and Massarotti, the guys discussed yesterday’s shoot-out between the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys. The Broncos defeated the Cowboys 51-48 in Dallas. If fans could choose, would they rather be the Patriots or the Broncos right now? What did Rays manager Joe Maddon mean when he said his Rays were “out Fenway-ed”? How much of yesterday’s Patriots offensive struggles have to do with Josh McDaniels?

[cbs-audio url=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d3/dT/dE/dF/13TEF_3.MP3″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Hour 3″ artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

In the fourth and final hour, Felger and Mazz continue to take calls on the two subjects they covered today. The Pats lost their first game of the season yesterday to the Cincinnati Bengals. Also, the Red Sox can close out the ALDS with a win over the Rays. The Sox have a 2-0 series lead with Clay Buchholz taking the mound tonight. Finally, it’s the Final Word with Marc Bertrand.

[cbs-audio url=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d3/dT/dF/d3/13TF3_3.MP3″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”Hour 4″ artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]

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