BEVERLY (CBS) — School officials say a half dozen Beverly High School students have been suspended and nearly a dozen Briscoe Middle School students will be disciplined after a female student sent a “suggestive” video of herself to her then-boyfriend, who later forwarded the video to friends.

“We got rumors of the video within the school community, and as soon as we found out we worked with students, families and authorities because of the serious potential of video like that,” Beverly High Principal Sean Gallagher said.

School officials said they are now using the unfortunate incident to speak to students and parents about the dangers of sharing inappropriate material with one another.

“I understand she got peer-pressured into it and a lot of people are calling her names. I feel bad for her because it was an accident,” Beverly student Skyla Howard said.

Gallagher said the school district has been using a “Look Before You Send” program to help student guards against dangerous and offensive material.

“We want our students to take a step back and think before they send. Because once something is sent, you can never get it back,” Gallagher said.

The school district is offering counseling to students after the latest video incident, and officials are carefully monitoring the situation.

“Don’t do something you’re going to regret. There are certain things that can’t be undone,” Beverly parent Kristin Howard said.


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