By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

It’s been nearly two full weeks since our last rain drop but that all changes today.  A warm front is migrating through the Northeast and the lift associated with, although weak, is generating showers.  Clouds will increase this morning with rain showers not far behind.  The showers will be scattered but may be briefly heavy and a few will fall around the Sox game this afternoon.  The front won’t move much over the weekend and we will be on the cooler side of it for the most part.  That means a lot of clouds, cool temps in the mid 60s and perhaps a shower or two but the good news is that most of the weekend will be rain-free.

Eyes are on the tropics where Tropical Storm Karen is churning in the Gulf of Mexico.  Karen should maintain tropical storm status as it makes landfall then will weaken while traveling north.  The remnants of Karen are expected to move up the East Coast early next week and some of the lingering moisture will likely produce a period of heavy rain here.  That would most likely occur Monday night into Tuesday,

Have a great weekend everybody…


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