By Lisa Hughes, WBZ-TVBy Lisa Hughes

CONCORD (CBS) — She’s one of a kind at Concord Carlisle High School, the first female football payer in the school’s history.

Abigail Ojemann is the varsity kicker on the squad and she’s putting up some impressive numbers for extra points.

“We had a game here two Fridays ago. I got five opportunities and I made them all, which is awesome,” she says.

Abbey first kicked a football five years ago, on a lark, and caught the eye of a coach.

“The boys were doing it and I just went over and just started to kick it around with them. And I beat most of them at it, I think maybe all of them at it,” she remembers.

But she was a soccer player then, and it wasn’t until recently she decided it was time for a change.

“The challenge that was presented to me and getting good at something new is what I really wanted to work on, but being with the team has actually motivated me more than anything else,” she says.

So in her senior year in high school, she earned a varsity spot on the football squad.

“She’s definitely the best person for the job,” says head coach Mike Robichaud. “One of the advantages she has apart from her physical abilities and familiarity with kicking as a soccer player is, this is what she’s focused on,” he says.

“It’s not really all about the size, and about the girl thing, it’s really about how mentally tough you are. It’s not gender oriented I guess,” says Abigail.

Though she admits being on the team was a little weird at first, she was quickly accepted and respected.

“I see them around school and they’re just a teammate of mine. So it’s really natural,” she says.

Abbey’s ankle was injured a week ago. The other player was called for roughing the kicker, but she intends to be ready for tomorrow’s game against Boston Latin.

And by the way, Concord Carlisle Coach Robichaud is the brother of our own David Robichaud.

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