By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) — Ann Romney’s new book, The Romney Family Table, was the brainchild of one of her five sons.

Romney says the cookbook is more about life than cooking.

“It’s got some recipes in there but it’s more about family, love and bringing people to the table and how much food is a fabric of our life,” Romney said.

The former first lady of Massachusetts includes private family photos, stories and favorite comfort foods “the Fluffernutter,” “Mitt’s Meat Loaf Cakes” and the pancakes she made him the morning after the election.

“It is of course hard to get over something like that,” she said. “It was a huge loss for us but life goes on.”

Romney also spoke about the government shutdown and the lack of people “coming to the table” in Washington.

She says she’s frustrated like all Americans.

“It’s frustrating for me to see this right now,” she said. “I saw him (Mitt Romney) as governor of this state having to work across the aisle, having all the time to bring people in to work to compromise and work with the other side. I thought he did a pretty good job of that.”

Romney says if her husband was president, he would have found a way to work through the shutdown.


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