No doubt football is one of the most brutal sports, but did a college football coach force his players to get too rough during off-season workouts?

University of Massachusetts coach Charley Molnar is being accused of mistreating players by having them wrestle and even box during practice. A group of U-Mass alumni started a petition drive to have the coach removed after a video taken by the school was posted on Facebook showing the controversial practices.

When the video was filmed, nothing the coach made the players do was against NCAA rules, but that has since changed. At least one former player says he seriously injured his shoulder during the drills.
One alum accused Coach Molnar of turning the program into a “cheap brothel.” Another graduate called the way the players are being treated “an embarrassment to the university.” Molnar defended the tactics used in practice saying they were designed to remove “self-doubt” in players.

The real reason some may want the coach removed is U-Mass is only 1-15 since he took over.

After watching the video, do you think the coach went too far? Could these types of drills actually help build team unity or do you think they can only do harm? Is there such a thing as too violent when it comes to football practice?


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