By Eric Fisher


We are happy you recently joined the WBZ weather team. Welcome! I have a question concerning the wind.  I believe an off-shore wind heads in the off-shore direction.  Conversely, an on-shore wind heads on-shore.

However, an East wind heads West (coming from the East).  This doesn’t seem consistent and is confusing.  Am I correct and do you have any comments about this?  Thanks.

 Bernie Vaillette – Leominster

Bernie – you’re absolutely right. And I don’t have much of a good reason for you! An off-shore wind does in fact blow off-shore, and an on-shore wind blows toward land. At the same time, and easterly wind is from the east, and a westerly wind is from the west.

Why one uses the point of origin as a naming convention and the other uses the final destination, I haven’t a clue. But at least you can rest easy knowing you’re not going crazy, and were right!



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