NORWOOD (CBS) — Police are used to hearing all kinds of excuses when they pull people over for speeding but Norwood Police say the latest excuse left them is disbelief.

The department took to their Facebook page to share the story.

Friday evening, a Norwood officer pulled a driver over after observing him going 100 miles-per-hour in a 45 MPH zone.

When they asked the driver how fast he thought he was driving, police say he told them “at least a buck.”

The man allegedly told the officer it was all part of a marketing strategy to sell his car.

“I’m selling the car and I wanted to make a video of how fast it will go,” he said.

The driver then showed the officer how he was capturing video of the speedometer with one hand while he accelerated to speeds over 100 MPH.

Unfortunately for the driver, the excuse didn’t cut it.

The driver was summonsed to Dedham District Court on charges of speeding, impeded operation (because of the video camera) and reckless driving.


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