BOSTON (CBS) – A man who fell onto the tracks in North Station late Wednesday night and was rescued by a group of strangers wants to thank them.

However, he does not want to be identified.

The MBTA released video Thursday showing the man walking straight off an Orange Line platform and then falling down hard onto the train tracks below. He appeared to be knocked unconscious.

Within 20 seconds, at least three people jumped into the pit to pull him out.

Police said the 33-year old Malden resident told them he did not remember being in the pit, but he had two drinks before the incident.

He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with a minor head injury. He was released after spending the night in the hospital.

The man’s sister told WBZ-TV Friday their whole family caught a train out of New York to be with him as soon as they heard what happened.

The sister said her brother was out celebrating an achievement with his boss before he fell and he hopes to remain anonymous.


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