By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Not much to complain about these days…sure it’s a bit chilly in the morning and the breeze can be somewhat annoying at times…but we are living on easy-street right now with no major changes until perhaps the end of the weekend.  We will remain essentially cloudless during this stretch with afternoon highs near 70 degrees and overnight lows in the lower 40s.

While I’m loving this tranquil weather I’ve also been searching for potential storminess and may have found it late in the weekend and early next week.  Some of our longer range guidance is suggesting that some tropical moisture will stall off the East Coast and evolve into a pretty large cyclone while drifting NW back toward the coastline.  This solution is quite unusual but not entirely out of the question  given the downstream blocking and configuration of the upper levels.  IF a storm were to form we could be looking at a pretty good wind and rain event Sunday night and Monday.  However, that is still a big IF at this time.  So for now live in the moment and enjoy Autumn at it’s finest.



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