Dayn Perry on CBS Sports joined Adam to discuss what have been the keys to the Red Sox success this year, and their biggest question mark heading into the postseason.

“Their primary strength is run scoring, they’re leading the AL in runs scored, but their bullpen has been outstanding, their rotation has been surprisingly solid. I can’t get over the depth of that roster,” Perry said. “For most of the season, it’s just been a top-to-bottom 25-man roster that was productive and useful. Excellent roster construction, and those bench guys have been needed and they’ve done the job. I think the depth has just been very impressive, so that really speaks well to the job Ben Cherington did and of course to the job that John Farrell has done in employing those reserves.”

If the Red Sox have a weakness that will catch up to them in the playoffs, Perry said it may be the potential lack of a true ace.

“They have some very good pitchers in that rotation. Buchholz, his numbers are obviously outstanding, but is he going to be as dominant as he was before the injury? Which Jon Lester is going to show up? The numbers on balance are pretty solid, but he’s been kind of inconsistent this season.

“These are all good starters, but do they have that front-line ace? That’s not to say they have to have one to prevail in the postseason, because the resume speaks for itself, but I think if you’re going to point to a weakness, maybe it’s that. They don’t have that Max Scherzer this year, or that Clayton Kershaw, that kind of guy.”

Perry also weighed in on Jacoby Ellsbury’s presence or absence impact on the Sox, who to expect to win the wild card, the Rays’ and Rangers’ problems, how the National League playoff picture should shake out, and more.

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