BOSTON (CBS) — In the aftermath of the Aaron Hernandez arrest in late June, the Patriots organization remained mostly quiet about the entire ordeal. So it became headline news when Matt Light, a former locker room leader who played with Hernandez in New England, spoke out against his former teammate.

However, Light now says that he never said the quote which was attributed to him by the Dayton Daily News back in June.

“I guess I could clarify [it],” Light told Toucher & Rich on Wednesday morning when asked to explain the comments about Hernandez. “I was in the woods for two weeks at the time working with young people through the foundation … but I can honestly tell you that two weeks in the woods, none of that time involved talking to a reporter about that situation that played out earlier this year.”

The article, written by Tom Archdeacon of the Dayton Daily News, gave extreme detail when describing Light’s demeanor upon being asked about Hernandez.

“Tuesday when I asked the former New England Patriot star tackle about his old teammate – tight end Aaron Hernandez – his easy smile quickly vanished and he went silent for several seconds as he decided what, if anything, he would say,” Archdeacon wrote, before quoting Light as saying, “I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced – never believed in – anything Aaron Hernandez stood for.”

Light told Toucher & Rich that the discussion with Archdeacon never happened, at least not in the context given in the story.

“At the end of the day, I don’t comment on that stuff, and I never will,” Light said. “It’s not my place. … I wasn’t asked about it. I was in the woods at the time.”

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