BOSTON (CBS) – It may not sound like a big deal to not have money goals but when bad things in life happen we just react for there is no plan in place.

We all need to have goals. Long term goals and short term goals. Money goals, health goals, education goals, family goals.

We start out having goals. When we are 12 we want to be a teenager, when we are 16 we want to drive, when we are 21 we can’t wait to get carded, but we never write down those goals.

As adults almost all of the decisions we make have a financial component to them. Whether it’s what house we buy, where we send our kids to school, or going on a diet. Even dating. There is always money involved!

As you start this process of goal setting think about where you want to be in one year, 5, 10, or 20 years. What do you want to achieve? The American dream? A house paid off as you go into a comfortable retirement with your kids grown and through college? Maybe you need to get out of credit card debt first?

Whatever it is, studies have shown that if you commit your goals to paper you have a better chance of achieving them! After writing them down your brain begins to work subconsciously on them using your reticular activating system to help you achieve your goals.

Now that you have the goals written down, prioritize them. What’s the most important? Next, figure out how you are going to reach those goals and give yourself a time horizon. When do you want to accomplish these dreams?

The key is writing down what you want and then keeping score. How are you doing? Do this a couple times a year and that will help keep you focused on your goals.


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