It’s a Wiggy Tuesday and as always Felger has ten questions ready to go for former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins. This week the questions hit on everything from drafting Johnny Manziel to break out players for the Bruins this year.

10 Questions with Wiggy:

10. If you could take one player off the Bucs and put him on the Pats, who would it be?

9. Who is the best 0-2 team in the NFL?

8. Who is the worst 2-0 team in the NFL?

7. Here’s a Bob Socci leftover question since he wouldn’t answer it, you must: If you could shag any NFL media member who would it be?

6. If you had a first-round pick and needed a quarterback, would you use it on Johnny Manziel?

5. Wiggy word on the street: “I can’t take Lance’s anymore I was on the 2 the fings to get a parmie they think they Tony Starks.” Please translate.

4. Nine African-American quarterbacks have started the last two weeks: Russel Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Mike Vick, Robert Griffin III, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, Tarrelle Pryor, and Josh Freeman.  According to, that’s a record. Please rank the nine guys.

3. Who is your breakout player for the Bruins this season?

2. Advice for LeBron James, who last weekend married his longtime girlfriend.

1. Pats are favored by 9 this week over the Bucs…Would you lay the points?

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”340px” download=”true” name=”10 Questions with Wiggy” artist=”Felger and Massarotti”]


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