BOSTON (CBS) – Tom Brady was not a happy quarterback on Thursday night, and he let that show on the field.

Though the Patriots improved to 2-0 on the season with a sloppy 13-10 win over the New York Jets, Brady and his rookie receivers are clearly not on the same page, and it boiled over throughout the game. As the receivers dropped passes or ran wrong routes, Brady showed his frustration on the field and on the bench.

Brady apologized for his body language after the game, saying it is something he needs to improve on. WFAN’s Boomer Esiason joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich for his weekly call-in on Monday, and said he expects better out of Brady.

“Watching Tom last Thursday, and he apologized for this, his body language on the field was atrocious,” said Boomer. “The reason why it’s such a big deal and why we in the media and those of that have played make a big deal out of it is two reasons. One, it doesn’t serve any good purpose during the game; it’s just someone relieving their frustrations. Two, when we act that way as quarterbacks on the field, the people that are watching the game see it and react to it. It’s really the people who are the family members of the people you’re playing with.”

LEFTOVER THOUGHTS: Brady’s Outburst Understandable

“If one of these wide receiver’s high school coach, college coach, college roommate are watching the game, the first time they get talk to them they say ‘I can’t believe Tom Brady embarrassed you that way.’ It cuts to the whole aspect to what the team is supposed to be about,” said Esiason. “You shouldn’t be pointing fingers at anyone else. While I totally understand those actions and why he apologized for those actions, they spoke volumes and certainly embarrassed his teammates, which isn’t what he should be known for.”

Will the Patriots add a veteran receiver at some point, or will they let the rookies go through their growing pains and hope they catch on sooner rather than later?

“It seems like, to me, they tend to gut it out with everything they have,” said Boomer. “They have the guys in the building, they want them to play and they want them to become good players. It’s a little frustrating for Tom, and everything they’ve been through, the Super Bows, the great games and great matchups, you’d think they would do something short-term that would alleviate some of the pressure in the passing game. But the question is what kind of shape are these guys in?”

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“It was almost like the perfect storm hit the Patriots with Hernadnez situation, Gronkowski not being healthy, and then of course that big IF in front of Danny Amendola’s name,” Boomer said of the Patriots’ receiving situation. “[Amendola’s injury] is the worst thing that happened to them, because I think we all knew that was going to be the case. Why wouldn’t you pay Wes Welker a little more money for what he did for you, because eventually it was going to bite you in the ass, and that’s exactly what happened.”

What does Boomer think of the 2-0 Miami Dolphins — are they a legit playoff contender?

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