Tom Brady and his rookie receivers didn’t click Thursday night in the home opener against the New York Jets, but the Patriots managed to hold on and to win 13-10.

Looking at the first two weeks of this regular season it’s clear that the Patriots don’t look like themselves and they are going to have to rely on the rookies on offense even when Rob Gronkowski makes his return. How difficult is it for a rookie receiver to become successful their first year in the NFL if they’re not an elite talent?

“I think a lot of that has to do with one, the offensive coordinator and then ultimately the quarterback,” former Patriot linebacker Rosevelt Colvin said when he joined Toucher & Rich on Friday morning.

“I think the benefit of these young guys is that they have a guy like Tom throwing them the ball. So if they can put themselves in the position where they can get open or just in the general area it creates the opportunity for them to be natural, which is a receiver and catch the ball.”

They discussed being visibly frustrated with the dropped passes and missed catches, but Colvin said that Brady would have been frustrated no matter who was dropping the passes.

“Tom’s a very passionate guy. Not that the 350 catches that are gone from the team from last year that are no longer there has anything to do with it. It doesn’t matter if it was Wes Welker or if it was Deion Branch or if it was Randy Moss, he was going to be upset if the guys didn’t run the right routes regardless of who they were.”

Colvin also reminds everyone that at the start of the seasons there are always concerns of some kind, but believes that with time things will settle down and the kinks will get worked out.


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