No Danny Amendola.

No Shane Vereen.

Still no Rob Gronkowski.

Are the Patriots in trouble?

Maybe, maybe not, but Adam Jones said there is at least some concern for the short term with Amendola likely out Thursday night against the Jets and Shane Vereen out for at least eight weeks with a broken wrist.

While the Patriots may still be OK against what should be an inferior team like the Jets, Jones said it’s going to probably take a major change in game-plan for Tom Brady’s offense.

“They’ve run it on the Jets before. The Jets will play a bunch of defensive backs against the Patriots, they’ll give you this light package, and I remember a game two years ago at Gillette, when the Patriots just ran it down their throat,” Jones said, referencing a game when BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran for 136 yards and two touchdowns in a 30-21 Patriots victory. “One way to sort of get through some of these issues in the passing game — no Amendola, no Vereen, no Gronk, at least — maybe you rely a little bit more on the run. And that’s not something I was saying in the preseason. I was saying I still want to see the Patriots throw the football, I still want to see Brady throwing the football, because I think they’re at their best when the ball is in Brady’s hands and they’re moving it through the air. But maybe this is a game where you are a little bit more reliant on the ground attack.”

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