A Blog by Gary LaPierre

There’s a new survey being published  that rates Obama as the 5th best President ever, and if he gives a knockout speech tonight, he just might come up a couple of notches.  Is this a classic opportunity or what for our South-side community organizer…..and isn’t this poetic, he’s got Putin and Assad of all people,  teamed up to pull his Presidency out of the weeds.     We’ve had 44 Presidents of these United States and some of them endured some tough times and a difficult image, some did not survive, literally or figuratively, but Mr. O has a chance tonight to make things happen….in a good way.      I don’t know who took the survey to rank BHO as the 5th best President ever, and in these days of Tweets, et al, it really doesn’t matter who took it….or if it’s accurate…..but I’m told the survey ranks ’em this way:   Presidents Reagan, Lincoln and 8 others are tied for first, 15 Presidents are tied for second, 17 other Presidents are tied for third, Jimmy Carter came in 4th and Obama came in 5th.    Hey, it’s on the internet……it must be true!!!! ;-)

Can’t wait for tonight’s TV speech, unless it conflicts with Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo or Double Divas.


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