By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

A warm front is working through the area…it marks the dividing line between cooler Autumn-like air and hotter mid Summer-like air.  Where they clash we are seeing showers and thunderstorms, a line has formed and is marching across the State and it won’t clear the coast until mid-afternoon.  After they pass by, skies will brighten, temps and humidity will steadily climb.  Our stay in the warm sector won’t be long but long enough to yield oppressive heat and humidity.  High temps should reach the lower 90s if not the mid 90s and when you factor in the humidity, “feels-like” temps will reach 100 degrees! Thursday will be another hot one and very sticky one too but an approaching cold front will likely trigger a line of strong thunderstorms late in the day and evening.  In fact, the timing right now doesn’t look good for the Pats Thursday night game with the Jets…there’s a strong chance for that line to go through during the game.

The front will clear the coast early Friday morning and winds will back to the north behind it.  A wave of low pressure will develop along the front induced by a strong upper level digging trough…this will keep showers going Friday morning.  A chilly Autumn-like air mass will settle in for the start of the weekend.


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