Gresh and Zo open Monday’s show with their thoughts on the Patriots’ win in Buffalo.

“For those who had fears, for those who were a little scared coming in, I think they saw some things that didn’t help alleviate those fears or thoughts,” Andy Gresh said.

Despite the offensive troubles, Gresh said the defense had a very encouraging first showing.

“If there’s one side of the ball that deserves zero rippage, it’s the defense. When you look at the 21 they gave up, one was on a fumble return and doesn’t even count againt [the defense]. One was on a short field where I am convinced there was a blown coverage by Aqib Talib. You don’t let a rookie run as free as you did toward that back pylon in the end zone, that should never happen. And then they give up that drive at the beginning of the third quarter, and that was it.”


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