ROCKLAND (CBS) — Rockland Federal Credit Union is alerting its customers to a debit card security breach.

In a letter sent to customers this week, RFCU reports Mastercard has notified the credit union that cardholder infomation may be at risk as a result of a merchant who “discovered a breach in their computer system.”

RFCU is sending customers new debit cards with new PIN numbers, which are supposed to arrive within 10 to 14 days.

Old debit cards will be deactivated on Sept. 26 “regardless if your new card has been activated or not,” according to the letter from Tracy Leopold, a fraud services official at RFCU.

Leopold’s letter advises customers to contact companies that make automatic withdrawals from the credit union’s debit cards.

Anyone with questions about the process of getting new debit cards is asked to call RFCU’s member services department at 781-878-0232.


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