WBZ_GAMEDAY AWAYFootball season has started for most high schools and colleges and the Patriots are open for business starting tomorrow afternoon in Buffalo. Out there, showers will exit around daybreak with plentiful sunshine, a brisk north-northeasterly wind and a temperature near 65 degrees during the 1pm contest. Our weather has had the feel of football over the past couple of days with two consecutive autumnal mornings of suburban temperatures in the 40s! After yesterday’s highs near 70 degrees, it should be about 10 degrees higher this afternoon with a max not far from 80 many areas except closer to south-facing coastal locations where the freshening southwesterly wind to 8-18 mph will stall the temperature rise at the lower 70s from Newport to Nantucket and all along the south side of the Cape. Sunshine will rule over southern New England but more and more cloudiness will stream into northern sections and some of that will drape over the Boston area eventually. As a cold front approaches, clumps and a string or two of showers will cross the northern mountains this evening and that activity will shift southward as the night progresses. With the clouds and the mild breeze holding in, it will not be nearly so cool tonight with lows near 60.
Model Satrad 72hrThe cold frontal passage will occur between 7 and 10 am tomorrow in the Boston area and a bit later over Cape Cod. The brief showers should all pass offshore by 10 am with the sky becoming partly sunny through early afternoon and mostly sunny thereafter. The northwesterly wind will be busy with speeds up to 15-30 mph. Expect high temperatures in the lower 70s but it will be cooler by late afternoon. A sprawling high pressure system will shift from the Great Lakes into the Northeast tomorrow night so the wind will diminish and it will become nippy with mins by dawn Monday of 40-45 in many of the suburbs and almost down to 50 in Boston. The high pressure will move offshore during Monday so the wind will be much lighter than tomorrow and likely turn onshore at the beaches. Until some high cloudiness arrives in the afternoon, the sunshine will be bright on Monday and warm it up to near 70 degrees.
Looking ahead, a warm frontal boundary will push into the Northeast on Tuesday with attendant varying amounts of cloudiness. Much of its shower activity should occur over northern New England but I cannot rule out some scattered stuff in southern sections too. The wind will become southwesterly and some of the current record-breaking heat in the Plains States looks like it will surge eastward into at least southern New England. As a result, 80 degrees is plausible for Tuesday and upper 80s probable for Wednesday. IF full sunshine materializes Wednesday, the max would be nudging or exceeding 90 degrees! Presently, however, the air mass will be muggy and dirty meaning there will be cloudiness cutting down on the potential temperature. Scattered showers and storms will break out again especially north and west of Boston on Wednesday associated with an approaching cold front from the northwest. By the way, the record high for September 11, this Wednesday, is an astonishingly high 99 set in 1983! My oldest son was just a few months old and I will never ever forget that wretched sultry summer with more than 30 days over 90 degrees! UGH! Anyway, the aforementioned showers and storms may become more widespread next Thursday followed by partly sunny, cooler and drier weather back for next weekend.
Tropics_LoopAt first glance, satellite imagery reveals that there are several suspicious spots of weather over the tropics. While in a “normal” year, any one of these could be destined to be a named tropical cyclone but not this year. Strangely, the environment has been and continues to be hostile to development. Excess dry and/or dusty air plus wind shear have been the culprits or perhaps I should say saviours. Thankfully, despite 7-named storms, none have intensified to hurricane status so far and the tropical cyclone season generally peaks on September 10. If we get beyond 8 am on 9/11 without one, the record will be broken for the latest first hurricane of any season since the satellite era began 60 years ago and that is one heck of a gift!
GOOD LUCK to everyone participating in the 25th anniversary of the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk tomorrow. I have walked that 26.2 miles a couple of times. It is a great time for a great cause. At Hopkinton at 7am, it will be close to 60 degrees and at Boston at 3pm, it will be around 72. There could be a brief shower between 5 and 9 am otherwise it will turn partly to mostly sunny with a gusty northwesterly wind of 15-30 mph.
Joe Joyce returns from vacation and posts his blog this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.
Enjoy your weekend and GO Pats!

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