Thursday night’s performance by Peyton Manning was impressive, historically so, as he and the Broncos were able to let the football world know that they are going to have quite the offense this year.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin joined Toucher & Rich on Friday morning and said the rest of the league now knows that Denver isn’t messing around.

“I think Peyton’s putting the entire league on notice. I think in a couple of interviews when they asked him how he was feeling, he said he was feeling better. When they asked other players if they felt like he was throwing the ball around better, they said definitely. So I think you’re seeing, even last year what he did and not being full strength, just goes to show what type of quarterback and what type of talent he is. Man, everybody, especially in the AFC, better look out, because the guy’s operating on all cylinders. He’s got three or four weapons on offense, he’s got a young running back that’s willing to run the ball for him, and defensively they got one of those old Boilermakers rushing the passer in Shaun Phillips and they got a good scheme. So the Broncos look like they’re prepared to contend at least to go to the AFC Championship Game this year.”

Colvin then spoke in depth about the Patriots, what to expect out of them this year and how the defense might take shape. He also made his Super Bowl predictions.



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