Several New England venues are canceling concerts because of concerns over the club drug known as “Molly”, which is made from the active ingredient in ecstasy.
Two New England college students died of suspected overdoses of “Molly” during concerts last month.
Now, the Ocean Club at Marina Bay in Quincy has voluntarily shut down for the rest of the season after 12 overdoses and a number of arrests.
The Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, canceled its “Barstool Blackout Tour”.
Six Flags New England in Agawam has postponed “The Electric Adventure”, a rave type event similar to ones where “Molly” has been a problem.
There will be more police at this weekend’s “Boston Calling” event at City Hall Plaza.
Brittany Flannigan died of a suspected overdose during a concert at the House of Blues in Boston.
At a hearing Wednesday, House of Blues employees defended their security procedures, saying they pat down everyone who comes in, search their bags and check the bathrooms regularly. Investigators confirmed the patrons that overdosed there got the drugs somewhere else.
Officials are trying to warn everyone just how dangerous these drugs can be.
Will canceling concerts really help?
What’s the best way to handle the “Molly” problem?


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