QUINCY (CBS) — The Ocean Club in Quincy draws a huge crowd and popular DJs.

Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan say it’s also the site of a recent drug crack down.

“There’s an uptick of Molly. It’s been around for a little bit. We are seeing an uptick of ecstasy and club drug Molly recently,” Keenan said. “People have been arrested for Molly in Quincy in the last few weekends. Police say all of the arrests have happened out front of the Ocean Club in Marina Bay.”

Molly is a drug that’s popular in the club scene.

In the last two weeks, two New England college students have died after apparently ingesting the drug.

Twenty-year-old Olivia Rotondo was a junior at University of New Hampshire. She was at a music festival in New York when she overdosed.

New Hampshire native Brittany Flannigan died after a concert at the House of Blues.

“The kids don’t understand it. They think it’s a good time. They’re making life-changing and sometimes life-ending mistakes when they take Molly.”

Officers have been using a hand-held device that can help an undercover cop know what they’re dealing with.

It uses a laser that can differentiate between Molly, meth or cocaine.

“We don’t have to be exposed to it. It can scan through a plastic bag. That’s safe. We also have fast accurate results,” Keenan said.

Quincy Police are hoping the crack down will deter people from using Molly.


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