By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

The holiday weekend was one big downpour with numerous showers and thunderstorms ruining outdoor plans.  Some towns picked up over 3 inches of rain…essentially getting a months worth of rain in one weekend.  The tropical air is still hanging around so we are in for one more unsettled day.  With developing sunshine and an approaching cold front, storms will begin to fire by late morning and shift into Eastern MA for the end of the day.  Today’s storms will contain the very heavy rain, and possibly wind and hail.  The front will pass through this evening opening up the gates for refreshing air to funnel in.

Dew points, a measure of the moisture in the air, will tumble later this evening…current levels are around 70 but by this time tomorrow we’ll be in the 50s and falling!  The rain chances over the second half of the week will  be very small but there may be a few spotty showers along another cold front Thursday.  That front will deliver an Autumn chill for Friday with morning lows in the 40s and highs near 70.  Temps will rebound over the weekend close to 80 with the chance for a few storms Sunday afternoon but much of the weekend is looking great.


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