BOSTON (CBS) — The president and his national security team are spending this Labor Day laying out the president’s case for a military response to Syria.

The administration now says the evidence shows President Bashar Al Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

A claim now backed up by a French intelligence report, which says massive amounts of chemical agents were used.

“We now have samples back, they have reported positive for Sarin,” Secretary of State John Kerry said.

Republican John McCain and Lindsey Graham were called to the White House Monday, in an effort to convince them to use force against Syria.

“We had a candid exchange of views and found there are some ways we can work together but I think we have a long way to go,” he said.

Graham said “Syria is a cancer that is growing.”

The president is asking congress to approve missile strikes but not everyone agrees yet, even in his own party.

“Right now I’m not convinced military action is the right way to go,” Rep. Mike Capuano said at a Labor Day breakfast. “I do think the world should be outraged.”

Massachusetts lawmakers argue it’s important to discuss what would happen after an attack.

“It’s complicated. If we go in, unexpected consequences come from that,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said.

Congressman Ed Markey says he wants more information.

“I just want to understand what is likely to happen after we strike,” Congressman Ed Markey said.. “So we understand what the ramifications are.”


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