Every day. All day long. We’re all guilty of it.
Using the Internet.
It’s everywhere. At home. At work. Even in the palm of your hand.
For some, it’s taking over their lives.
Internet addiction, although not an official disorder, is real.
A Pennsylvania hospital will be the first in the country to offer a program to help people detox.
The voluntary 10-day program begins September 9th at the Behavioral Health Services at Bradford Regional Medical Center.
One of the psychologists behind the program says Internet addiction is growing and can be more troubling than alcoholism for some.
Other studies have had people stop using any and all Internet connections for 72 hours. They call it a “digital detox.”
Some participants suffered withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, depression, irritability and in some cases violence.
Just because you’re constantly updating your Facebook page, tweeting and searching online does not mean you’re addicted.
In today’s society it’s important to stay connected. But, we want to know, could you disconnect? Even just for a little bit?
Could you disconnect from the Internet for 72 hours?
Be honest.


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