BOSTON (CBS) — Personal trainer and mom Sandy Morvillo has some tips for back to school lunch and snack ideas.

Morvillo says the key is to gets your kids involved in making their own lunches.

“They are more likely to eat it if they are involved,” she says.

Morvillo says it’s also important to teach your kids how to read labels. Try to pick items that are not processed.

Breakfast for lunch is a hit in Morvillo’s family. Think about turkey sausage, crepes or pancakes.

“Leftovers are great,” Morvillo said. “If you have leftover roasted chicken, make soup.”

Morvillo said a thermos of oatmeal is also a good choice.

The most important thing Morvillo says, is to not talk about calories and diet but instead make it fun and set good habits from an early age.


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