BOSTON (CBS) – At the WBZ Water Cooler: Believe it or not, we are quickly coming up on five months since the Boston Marathon Bombings. Linda Chorney is a musician originally from Sudbury and graduate of Lincoln Sudbury High School. She also holds the title of being the first independent artist to be nominated for a Grammy without a manager, label, or publicist.

Chorney says after the Boston Marathon bombings she knew she was going to write a song for the 8-year-old who died that day, Martin Richard. She tells WBZ that she was feeling helpless and was “very moved” by the picture of Martin Richard holding the now infamous sign, “No more hurting people, peace and love.”

“I couldn’t get it out of my head,” she said.

After visiting the powerful Copley Memorial, Chorney said she couldn’t sleep at night.

Chorney went on to write her song Martin in the hours that followed.

“At about 5 AM the song came to me,” she said.

Chorney went to her high school reunion and caught up with Jeff Davidson, an old friend and music teacher. She says, in her head she had been hearing children singing on the song and the next day she says “17 wonderful children showed up.”

Chorney has also been pushing for a statue of Martin Richard in Boston.

“I just feel like it is very symbolic to have Martin holding his sign, for the world to see,” she said.

WBZ’S Rod Fritz Reports

Here’s the extended interview with WBZ’S Drew Moholland

You can see the video for the song Martin, which Chorney produced herself on her website

You can hear the WBZ Water Cooler on Saturday at 10:25 AM and 5:55 PM, and Sunday at 5:55 PM, on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.


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