BOSTON (CBS) — Tim Tebow once again had his ups and downs on Thursday night, throwing two touchdowns but also throwing an interception and getting sacked four times. His spot on the roster, from an outside perspective, seems to be anything but a guarantee.

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However, despite the never-ending debate about Tebow’s spot on the Patriots, the 26-year-old quarterback said he isn’t worried about his future.

“I’m blessed because of my faith, because you don’t have to worry about the future, because I know who holds my future,” Tebow said. “A lot of times people use that as a cliche, but it’s something I try to live by. It really gives you a lot of peace in whatever circumstance you’re in.”

Tebow’s final preseason stats weren’t great. He finished 11-for-30 (36.7 percent) for 145 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions while getting sacked four times for a loss of 48 yards. He rushed for 91 yards on 16 carries, for a 5.7-yard average.

While head coach Bill Belichick would not specifically talk about the traits that may earn Tebow a roster spot, the quarterback made his case after the preseason victory when asked what he can bring to the team.

“Someone that will work hard, who loves the game of football, who will always – hopefully, Lord willing — have a great attitude, great work ethic and someone that tries to be an encourager in here.”

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