By Jon Keller, WBZ Political AnalystBy Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday on our sister station, 98.5 the Sports Hub, Felger and Mazz were kicking around a question – in our baseball-crazy town, with the team in first and playing excellent baseball, why aren’t the Red Sox selling out every game like they used to?

Some claim the fans are still recovering from the last two wretched seasons. Others say the team lacks a superstar draw. Still others insist the fans just don’t believe the team will hold up into the fall.

I don’t buy any of that.

Listen to Jon’s commentary

Anyone ignoring a baseball season because of previous disappointment is not a real baseball fan. The whole point of it – the point of following any sport – is that every season is a fresh chance, and redemption is always possible.

Life isn’t always like that. That’s why God gave us baseball.

To say the Sox lack a superstar is to insult Big Papi, a grave error of judgment. I notice Jacoby Ellsbury leads the majors in steals by a wide margin, and I find it exciting every time he reaches base.

And if you’ve watched this team rack up 30 come-from-behind wins and 20 final at-bat wins, shame on you if you don’t believe they might be onto something special, and worth watching.

No, the empty seats at Fenway are nothing more than an economic reality.

That doesn’t mean we don’t love our young Sox. But we’re not sorry to be following them from home.

After all, love means never having to say you’re sorry.

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