A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Hour-by-hour…..day-in and day-out…our country is witnessing just how well the Washington elites can dance.   From Barack…ahh…Hussein…..ahhhh…Obama at the top, to the likes of…..I don’t know, pick one….maybe Elizabumble Warren at the bottom….the verbal dance being shown over what to do about Syria, is a sight to behold.   I’ve been listening to Washington gibberish for a lot of years….from the worst Republican administration to the worst (which is the present)  Democrat administration.    It is so clear, the people in power at the moment don’t have a clue what to do….to save their own butts…..or the country’s entire collective derriere….and its all politics.    Politics at it’s worst, but all politics….and if you’re looking for one person in Washington who can make it all make sense right now…….please tell me who it is…because I can’t find them.     The Massachusetts delegation has got to be included among the worst.    I watched a TV clip the other day which included the voices of at least a half-dozen Bay State pols serving Washington right now and it was a joke.  Capuano made a little sense, Tierney made a little less, Elizabumble Warren made absolutely none (too busy waving to the crowd) and the newest lightweight to our delegation, Senator Ed Markey said “we’ve got to make sure it was in fact the use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people.”    Brilliant Ed.    I’m tellin’ ya, if this guy didn’t have a pocket full of quarters to hold him down, he’d disappear into thin air.

We all knew Barack would hold off until he got his chance to pontificate and say almost nothing again on the 50th anniversary of the “I have a dream”  speech.   We’ve got all the heavy artillery lined up and some folks are saying…..”show me the evidence of chemical weapons in Syria and we’ll turn parts of that God foresaken country and a lot of its people into a dust pile.”  We supposedly have the backing of France….the only country in the world with back-up lights on its tanks…and the support of Great Britain.   Guess what, the Brits are already beginning to reconsider.    But here’s my point:  If that  pencil-neck geek, Bashar al-Assad Assad did kill some Syrians with chemicals……yes it’s a tragedy….but it’s not enough for me to launch a war against another Middle East country, plus Iran and yes Russia.    Assad has been killing his people for decades, but there is worse slaughter going on in other parts of the world right now, and why should this particular atrocity touch off another war….for us….U.S.?   We’re already at war with terrorism, from any and all sources….and what Assad did to his people….AGAIN....is not a threat to us….U.S.

My fear is, we’re going to blow it again!!


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