BOSTON (CBS) –  A Rolling Stone article shed some interesting light on the Aaron Hernandez story on Wednesday, detailing the former Patriot tight end’s troubled past, paranoia, and drug use.

According to the article, Hernandez was addicted to the designer drug angel dust and likely became paranoid because of it. He feared for his life following last season, and even told Bill Belichick about it at the Draft Combine in Indianapolis in February according to the article.

Yahoo! Sports’ Les Carpenter joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show on Wednesday to discuss what he took away from the article – and what this means for the Patriots going forward.

“The one thing that jumped out at me was what was this guy doing the last few months? The angel dust, this paranoid lifestyle; it seems like something had clearly gone wrong with him,” said Carpenter. “How much did the team know and how much did the Patriots fully understand?”

With all that has now come out, Carpenter says the Patriots will have to change their ways when it comes to evaluating players.

“I think when something like this happens to any team, not just the Patriots, you have to sit and take a very hard look at what you’re doing. This is as extreme as it gets, but I don’t see how you can’t sit there and say ‘internally we have to do something different,’” said Carpenter. “No matter how successful that franchise is, somewhere that process is going to get changed. It has to.”

Carpenter also touched on Rex Ryan in limbo with the Jets, and Johnny Manziel’s future in the NFL.


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