By David Wade, WBZ-TVBy David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) —- Most people would agree that keeping track of passwords and pin numbers is a huge hassle.

Now, the latest trend in technology helps to eliminate that problem as well as increase security. It’s called biometrics.

It works by using your body’s unique characteristics as identification.

Some hotels use a scan of the iris to make sure the right guest is entering a room.

There are smart phones that use facial or voice recognition to unlock a smart phone.

Some laptops now use a finger scan instead of a password.

Even Disney World uses the technology, scanning guests’ fingerprints instead of using tickets to gain access to the resort parks.

Bill Heron scans his finger whenever he checks in to give blood at a local blood bank.

“All I have to do is put my finger on the pad and they have all my information and off we go,” he said.

Michael DePasquale of Bio-Key international says we can expect this trend to grow.

“Consumers are overwhelmed today by passwords and pins and cards that they have to use to access all the things that are available to us now and they are no longer secure, but more importantly, they are becoming very inconvenient,” he said.

Industry experts say most of these devices don’t save the actual scans or finger prints; instead they use digital reference points to increase security.

“It ensures that no one can intercept or modify this secure information over the internet or network. It’s virtually impossible for anybody to steal your identity without your biometric finger data,” explained Jayne Giroux, an administrator at the bank where Heron gives blood.

Security expert David Jacobs says it’s safe, for now.

“In the near future, biometric information could be as useful for identity theft as a social security number, it could even more problematic because if your credit card number is compromised, the bank can’t issue you a new iris,” he said.

Bill Heron says the technology makes life easier and he’s not worried about the safety of his information.

“I think it’s a cooL idea,” he said.


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