A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Man…..talk about playing the media like a fiddle!!!   This very mediocre little talent pulls off a sexually oriented gyrations on national television that would make Larry Flynt blush and for some reason, the news media…..from top to bottom….jumps into it like we should all be surprised.   You have to understand, Smiley is not playing with a full deck….she got it from her father, and while her alter-ego Hannah was trying to keep her clothes on, Smiley was trying to figure out how to torch up her lack of talent….and by the way, the talentless Thicke! Do you suppose Robin feels used?    Doubt it.    It absolutely cracks me up to hear the total indignation of major network anchor chicks expressing “shock and awe” over the sexualization of young girls…..on national television no less.   Where have you been ladies….living under a rock?    The sexualization of young girls started many years ago, even before Smiley hit puberty….and I’m talking young girls before their age even hit double figures…….and the Moms of America condoned it…..went along with it… encouraged it… paid for it, and are now paying the price wondering why their 12-year old is lookin’ slutty.    Oh and by the way, did you notice Ms squeaky clean image, Taylor not-so-Swift was dropping the f-bomb from her front row seat?     I’m sure glad I didn’t watch the show live, and only had to see the re-run low-lites, which was torture enough.

When I promised…..a couple of blogs ago…..that I would regularly rant about “the public has stolen the media, and totally *&$*(^’D it up”…..the above is one example…(playin’ us like a fiddle) and two others are the lead stories I heard and saw on newscasts this morning….TV, radio, newspapers and internet.    The top story was about a local kid who got hazed by some upper class-men.   Yuh it was pretty crude, but that story should never have left the high school or that town.   No harm, no foul and to elevate that story to “lead” status is a travesty.   That’s what Facebook and Twitter accounts do and trust me kids, it’s got nothing but trouble written all over it.   I’d put the same emphasis on the story about a high school teacher who apparently was involved in something scurrilous at the school and has been suspended “with pay.”   That one too is a product of  the unaccountable “social media” and doesn’t belong outside that school or town.    It certainly doesn’t affect my life….or yours either for that matter………not one bit.

Class dismissed!!


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