By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Muggy air is surging in this morning and it’s kicking off a few showers.  It’s been awhile since we had any substantial rain in the area…in fact, no measurable rain had fallen in Boston since about 1.5″ fell back on August 9th.  But it’s official, Boston has measured a measly .01″ from this morning’s showers enough to end the streak.

The first batch of showers is ending and sunshine is quickly busting out in their wake.  Temps will quickly jump up to around 80 degrees with the air feeling increasingly muggy by the end of the day.  The boundary between the somewhat dry air and the very humid air will be draped over us for the next few days.  This will keep the shower and thunderstorm threat fairly high with impulses riding along it.  The wettest period is potentially tonight with a cluster of rain with embedded thunder which should exit by tomorrow morning.

The upper level winds will rearrange by the end of the week allowing for dry, less humid air to displace the muggy, unsettled stuff leading to a sun filled Labor Day weekend.



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