BOSTON (CBS) —  You can find cookies, cupcakes, and brownies in a million different places but Sweet Tooth Boston in Southie is a one-in-a-million kind of bakery.

“I think what separates us both is that we’re not like a Chinese restaurant, where you can order a number seven or number nine. We are truly a custom bakery.”

For six years, David Venter and Glen Quirion have been spinning, smoothing, twirling and swirling high quality cakes and world-class pastries from their colorful little bake shop on West Broadway.

Along with takeaway treats like caramel turtle brownies, gourmet cake pops, and over-sized chocolate chunk cookies, Sweet Tooth specializes in creative custom cakes that take a lot work, and plenty of imagination.

“People will come in and ask if we have a book of cakes that they can select a cake from and our first answer is no, because… we don’t want to make a cake that’s in a book…. what we want to make for them is what’s in their head. So this little cake is for a 3-year-old Maisy who loves purple…So we’re going to give her more purple.”

One of their signature goodies is the Plantinum Blonde Brownie layered with butterscotch, chocolate truffle, buttercream frosting, and chocolate curl. Like all the desserts here, it’s absolutely huge and incredibly indulgent.

Get it to go in one of Sweet Tooth’s signature pink boxes, give it to somebody you’re trying to impress, and get ready to hear this word:


For more food and fun, watch the Phantom Gourmet Sunday at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38.

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