By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

Temps were and the air was humid but with the lack of a trigger showers and storms were sparse this evening.  Boston’s high was 89…so once again 90 in August remains elusive and with a cold front passing through that ship has sailed for the next several days.  The front is still to our NW and along there is some solid action but as those storms work into New England later tonight they should weaken.  By morning, the front will have cleared the coast and although New England will be behind the front an upper level disturbance will create a bit of instability leading to towering cumulus clouds and a small risk for a brief shower.  By the end of the day northerly winds will have successfully ushered in a much drier airmass…just in time of the weekend!

Speaking of your weekend, it may be the finest of the Summer.  Sunny both days with low humidity and temps between 75-80 degrees…sweet!


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